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How Magic 25 Works

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How Magic 25 Filters Work

The heart of the cigarette filter filtration system is the orange or green cartridge. Each puff drags smoke through small air holes in the cartridge. Harmful Tar and Nicotine are trapped in the cigarette filter filtration system. Magic 25 nicotine cigarette filter is clear so you can see the amount of tar and nicotine NOT entering your lungs.

Advantages of using Magic 25 Filters

•  Reducing hazard intake into your lungs.
•  Regaining natural color of your teeth.
•  You may notice morning cough disappear.
•  Better morning breath and taste.
•  Reduced smoke dependency and cravings.
•  Less substances are released into the air.
•  A smoother taste is achieved.

General Information
Magic 25 is the world's smallest cigarette filters and are recognized all over the world as the most effective cigarette filters. Using the filter's patented filtration system, it cuts down on the hazards of cigarette smoking. They drastically remove tar, nicotine and other hazards from cigarette smoking without altering the taste of your favorite cigarettes. With use of Magic 25 cigarette filters you reduce nicotine intake which in result reduces your nicotine dependency.

Magic 25 cigarette filters are clear so you can see the amount of tar, nicotine and hazards NOT entering your lungs which otherwise will stick to your teeth, gums mouth, throat and lungs. Magic 25 cigarette filter is the perfect solution for a smoker who is worried about his health.

Place the cigarette filter tip on the end of your cigarette and smoke normally. Each Magic 25 mini cigarette filter is good for 5 to 7 cigarettes. Change the cigarette filter tip when the Tar and Nicotine indicator is completely covered.

Additional Information
Magic 25 cigarette filter testing by Independent laboratories under FTC protocol returned astonishing results, concluding that Magic 25 Cigarette Filters reduce tar and nicotine up to 76. Best of all there is no change in taste of your cigarette.

Magic 25 cigarette filters are manufactured at state of the art facilities in TOKYO, JAPAN assuring the quality.  Do not be taken by the imitation look-a-like cigarette filters; they are made with lowest grade materials, do not have any quality control, and they can not produce affective results because they do not have Magic 25 world's smallest cigarette filters patented filtration system.




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